Transparency of the production process from order to delivery.

Original NFT unique requires individual care and access. From initial contact to product delivery, we strive for an individual approach and quality assurance. Let’s go through the entire process of ordering the product until it is sent to you. We will also discuss what the client has included in the price of the product.

1. The first point is to fill out the contact form, which will help the Genomic Fashion team to understand the basic ideas of the client. 

Later connect the client with the order of services and help the verification of the authenticity of the owner of the NFT before applying his NFT to our premium products.

2. After sending the questionnaire, the client is sent a link to order NFT boxes for the production of basic types of products.

3. The client buys the NFT box, pays via crypto-wallet, and will then be contacted by the designer via email to specify the parameters of the product – Type of product, design, and the client’s idea of the product design and further implementation process.

4. After the design is created and the design is approved by the client, the designer enters an instruction to manufacture the fabric. Each production step has its own photo documentation, which the client gradually receives by email and thus has a documented production process.

4. The basic box contains:

1. Communication with the designer

2. Verification of NFT ownership

3. Photo documentation of the production process

4. Ensuring the individual production of fabric in free cut

5. Complete tailoring service – sewing of the product by one tailor, adjustment of the basic cut parameters according to the client’s requirements

6. Setting the NFC chip with reference to NFT

7. Creation of NFT in 3D with real product

8. Sending NFT with clothes to the client’s crypto wallet

9. Ensuring delivery of the product to the client’s address.

The basic box does not include the creation of an individual cut of clothing.